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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Allbound Sales & Marketing Strategy


Tanja Kvrgić

In one of the previous texts, we mentioned the allbound strategy, which is also offered by SkaleUP, but we only have a few principles about the benefits of such a marketing and sales strategy, while in this text we go deeper into the reasons why an allbound sales and marketing strategy is very important for your business.

First, let’s explain what the allbound strategy entails. So, these are the steps you take to first reach your potential client, draw attention to your products or services, maintain that same attention with the client, present your qualities and reasons why they should do business with you, initiate cooperation, and continue developed and upgraded, and successfully operated.

The allbound strategy involves two directions: inbound and outbound. There is an obvious difference in the direction of your communication, i.e., the way you “walk” to your client.

Inbound strategy: clients contact you.

Outbound strategy: you contact clients.

This is, of course, an extremely rough and concise definition, but perhaps the simplest way to understand the direction of communication.

An inbound strategy allows you to leverage various communication channels (websites, social networks, promotional material, outdoor campaigns, and even the stories of your clients who share positive experiences with you). All this leads to new, potential clients who will contact you because something triggered them to ask you for a service or product.

An outbound strategy means that you take that first step, in the sense that through e-mails, newsletters, or cold calling, you reach your potential clients, draw attention to yourself, and open the possibility for cooperation.

Allbound strategy certainly implies good and thorough research, listening to the market and competition, inseparable functioning of sales and marketing, which can no longer do without each other, careful selection of your narrative and presentation to others-

Now that this is, we hope, a little clearer and more receptive to you, here are seven reasons why you should invest in an allbound strategy:

7 reasons why should you use allbound strategy by skaleup.me

1. No large financial investments are needed-invest in experts

Although we do not list the items according to their importance, this may be something that everyone starts with one question over their head: “How much will it cost us?” It is quite a valid question, so let’s just say that the allbound strategy does not require large investments, but only if it is set with quality and precision.

Whether it is well and precisely set depends primarily on the people who work on it, which is why the most important thing is to invest wisely and well in humanity, in experts who will know how to turn allbound strategy into their best marketing “weapon” to win the attention of potential clients, and later focus on concrete steps.

2. The Allbound strategy makes you better

Allbound strategy, whether we are talking about inbound or outbound strategy, forces you to work out the way you present yourself first. Whether on the site, on social networks, in a direct telephone conversation, or the case of a presentation at a meeting, everything must be well thought out.

Clear communication, simple and short messages (remember that today we are all overwhelmed with information and no one has much patience, especially when you come to the client, but even when he comes to you, long and confusing messages can make him give up on you), striking visuals, memorable logo, statistics showing the numbers that are in your favor, timeliness, SEO site optimization, and conversation rate, about which SkaleUP also wrote in detail why it is important to work on raising your capacities and qualities, following modern trends and responding to them.

3. By listening to others, you upgrade yourself

Listen to customers, competition, and the market. To successfully implement the allbound strategy, you have to get into the shoes of the other side, that is, look at it from another perspective, because it is not enough to think only about your interests.

By communicating with clients by listening to their needs, you gather useful information on how and in what way to improve your business, which is why it is extremely important to reach leaders or decision-makers with whom you need to achieve better and longer-term communication and cooperation. For example, you will succeed through an outbound strategy specifically cold calling.

4. It pays off in the long run

If set correctly, the allbound strategy brings long-term results, cooperation, and most importantly, the trust of your clients, who then also become one of the “communication channels,” passing on their positive experiences with you. We will give concrete examples of that. The long-term effect of an inbound strategy can be, say, SEO optimization of the site. Unlike, say, paid to advertise, SEO optimization of the site allows you to stand out with your quality and validity as the first in searching for products or services you offer.

Outbound strategies offer even more long-term effects because it is perhaps the most important goal of outbound strategy to achieve a strong partnership. This can happen through cold calling, when you directly reach the leaders you represent, respond to their needs, agree on cooperation, and thus start a long-term partnership.

Outbound doesn't replace inbound so just use allbound strategies provided by SkaleUP company

5. The effects are immediately noticeable

With an allbound strategy, the results of your work come to light very quickly, as does an inbound or outbound strategy. With an inbound strategy, for example on social networks, it will soon become clear to you whether you have set up digital marketing well or it still requires a different approach. You can also see it with outbound strategy, most obviously with rejections being part of cold calling, which should not discourage you, and Scaleup explains in an earlier blog why it is important and how cold calling can be successful, i.e. how to overcome rejections.

Let’s say an example of outbound can be emailed, for which you can quickly see if you are sending them in vain, without any feedback, and then take steps to improve communication and develop a strategy. So even if it doesn’t work properly, you can solve it quickly and without worry, and if it works, the results are there, use them!

6. Don’t waste time on clients who are not in your target group

Because of the desire to reach as many people as possible and come to the surface in the sea of information, in the market, and with the competition, it is often to resort to being “louder”. But that is not the goal, because that is how you spend resources, humans, and everything else.

The effects are not immediately visible, and the question is when they will be. It is very possible to reach people who are not in your target group and miss those who are. That is why the allbound strategy allows you to use it, with the right setup, as a tool that will lead you to the one who, on the other hand, was waiting for you to respond to his needs.

7. Benefits are mutually beneficial

Finally, let us once again determine the importance of the allbound strategy and that there is no need to separate inbound and outbound, but that the key is actually in their synergy. So the outbound strategy with its application finds and targets potential clients and the target group, turning, in the long run, those clients into inbound lead generation. Outbound does not replace inbound-that is why you need allbound strategy!