Why is automated & personalized cold outreach important for booking meetings with prospects in 2022?


Tanja Kvrgić

Your phone is ringing.

You receive an invitation from a completely unknown person, who is also a representative of a company that is unknown to you, with the idea to schedule a meeting with you. It is not even personalized cold outreach call, you feel like you are only the one among many to be called that day.

You do not know who the person or company is, you assume that you do not need their services, and even if they are, after this “aggressive” cold outreach, you do not want any cooperation or even conversation with them.

The idea to spread and pray, randomly calling prospects on a large scale fails.

This is what an unsuccessful cold outreach attempt and booking meetings with prospects look like.

That is the most common mistake, that they immediately try to arrange a meeting or even worse to talk about the sale with a person who on the other hand has no idea who you are.

If you would not be the first to agree to a meeting after such a conversation, then it is certain that no one else will if you apply this method of booking meetings. So, what is cold outreach anyway and how to automate and personalize it so that it could bring us more results?

cold outreach

Booking a meeting will be the easiest item if you did all the previous ones properly. Introduction to booking a meeting is practically 80% of the work and scheduling that 20% is a finish.

How to get there?

The answer is automated personalized cold outreach.

What does it mean?

Simply put, automated and personalized cold outreach means that with great savings of time and energy, you will schedule an appointment with the right person, who suits you, and you suit her, and who really should be your client.

What does that mean?

Okay, now that we know why it’s important to us and how much it makes our job easier, let’s see how we can do it!

Integration tools!

The first step would certainly be to use integration tools, ie platforms that allow the integration of several of the applications that you use, and then extract the maximum information that is important for your business, which these applications can provide you.

This is the first step in classifying everyone who accesses your channels and sorting out data on who can be your potential customers.

Excellent integration tools are, for example, Zapier, which is number one when it comes to integration and automation of business processes, and Integromat, also a powerful and extremely useful platform for such marketing and sales needs.

How do they work?

Zapier is a platform that can integrate and connect more than 4,000 applications and automate the circulation and movement of information between them, thus saving you time and providing you with what you need. What is also very useful to know before using this platform is that when it comes to data security, Zapier takes it very seriously.

According to the company itself, Zapier can integrate applications such as Salesforce, Intuit, Google, Dropbox, and thousands of others, then send automated responses, collect data, automate data entry into, say, Google Calendar, etc …

cold outreach integration

Integromat also connects your applications and allows you to build, design, and automate the processes you want, just like Zapier with great time and workforce savings. For example, Integromat can monitor the performance of your social networks in real-time, to make your online sales a great experience for the customer through process automation …

Although Integromat, unlike Zapier, supports more than 250 applications, some claim that it is much more generous than Zapier in some segments.

Of course, it is up to you to choose the appropriate integration tool according to your business, and what is a great advantage of the two platforms is the fact that there is no need to be a programmer because they are no-code platforms, which means easy to use. Integration tools can help you not only in the process of gathering information about who and how you should contact, based on their behavior that is read in the data of your applications, but also later with clients with whom you have established cooperation.

Building a good foundation for a cold outreach strategy

Cold calling is a very important marketing technique that is mostly related to outbound sales. To explain briefly: inbound sales are where they look for you, and outbound sales are where you look for them!

Outbound sales refer to the strategy in which you initiate this process and target potential customers to whom you then make a cold outreach through the cold Calling strategy, emails, and other communication channels. However, before a cold outreach occurs, brand awareness is needed, ie that potential customers are already aware of you, then some basic information that could already lead them to believe that you are a relevant company that can provide them with a solution or a new opportunity and everything is ready for cold outreach.

Even after that, when you determine who your potential client is based on the collected data and based on his habits and patterns of behavior he expressed, determine how you address him, and then it is important who will be the person who will address him!

cold outreach vs inbound

Depending on your business, your sales segments can be very broad and not everyone has to have the same target groups. That is why it is important that in a personalized cold outreach that serves for booking meetings with prospects, the rights of the person from your company connect with the right potential client. That is, they need to be matching persons. The first party will know exactly what to say to gain the interest of the other party.

To conclude…

So without a well-laid foundation, there are no successful booking meetings with prospects nor cold outreach. Even when you determine everything and come to a positive outcome, you need to nurture that relationship with potential clients, so that you can always keep them in mind. You can also do all this through automation that will make your regular customers have the best experience with your company, without you having to spend time and energy, and even money on it.