Case Studies

Tanja Kvrgić is a sales and business developer with a background and passion for Human Resources and psychology. For the past 5 years she has been building her career and experience in a startup world.

She was in charge of business development for different worldwide businesses where she took a part in.

Along the way she learned how to get results in sales, the harder and easier way.

She specialized herself in growing and scaling businesses, penetrating new markets, attracting leads and spreading a base of paying clients.

Vladimir Milić is a digital marketing enthusiast whose primary passions are SEO & SMO. For the last 4 years, he has been working his way up in the digital marketing world, primarily focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help his clients’ businesses reach higher levels of profit and success.

The road wasn’t easy, there were a lot of different obstacles to handle, and while handling them, he upgraded his skills, learned new techniques, and integrated other parts of digital marketing into his services.

LiveHome Room

Sales automation, email automation, mentoring and onboarding new salesmen, CRM setup

The overview

HomeRoom is a startup that was established in 2019 with one clear goal – to help individual investors purchase the properties in the USA and connect them with the tenants.

For a recordly fast time they managed to create a large pool of potential customers and turn them into paying clients. The CEO of a startup has the experience with running a business which resulted in onboarding paying customers in a short period.

The challenge

Since they had a huge number of potential customers who were Interested in getting more information, Homeroom did not have enough human resources to cover all the leads that were coming to them. Plus, the salesmen’s time and energy that needed to be invested in some repetitive tasks were huge, which made this startup quite inefficient.

The process

The main bottleneck was the fact that there were many prospects which were not qualified properly in the first place and yet they were handed over to salesmen too soon.

What needed to be done was optimizing the sales process, creating a sales funnel that reflects what really happens and setting up CRM accordingly.
The result of sales automation and integration was that salesmen could focus their time and energy on creating the value – spending time on customers that seemed to be more qualified.

Since every change was happening quite fast, a new onboarding process was created which guaranteed that every new employee was getting exactly the same type of information during onboarding . Besides, since the salesmen in general were on junior level, they were mentored along the way which resulted in increasing their ability to qualify leads better and speed up the sales cycle.

Brana Estetic

The full digital marketing campaign, website design & development, SEO, SMO & Managing, graphic design

The overview

Brana Estetic is a branch of the famous “Dr Brana Kovacevic” Polyclinic. It opened it estetic department with investing in the latest version of medical devices.

With years of experience and pedigree behind them, they embarked on this quest with highest ambitions.

The challenge

Since they invested a lot of assets in modern devices, staff, and adequate doctors, they had a problem with reaching out to potential customers and presenting their services.

The process

First step was to create adequate social network campaigns and profiles where we started presenting our new services, devices, tutorial videos, etc.

Followed by proper social network ads campaigns with adequate targeting and unique graphic design and content. With that we started acquiring clients, and started creating our marketing funnel.

Second step was to create a unique website, that was separated from the primary website of the “Dr Brana Kovacevic” Polyclinic, where we presented services specifically for the Brana Estetic branch of the polyclinic.

There we have unique content, design, blog articles, prices, and everything that one person interested in their services needed.

The result is phenomenal. Before hiring our services, Brana Estetic had few clients per day, while now they are booked a few weeks ahead, and after three months, are actively in search for a bigger business space so that they can expand.

EMS Revolution

Type of work: sales, project management and new markets penetration.

The overview

EMS Revolution is a Spanish startup established in 2013 by two young enthusiasts who were in love with fitness and entrepreneurship.

The duo was already deeply immersed in the fitness industry and with the background in sales, they started spreading their story and scaling up pretty fast in the market of Latin America. Nowadays their business is known worldwide, they are present in more than 50 countries.

The challenge

Tanja arrived at EMS Revolution 4 years after the company was established. Their main focus at that point was spreading to new markets which were not Spanish speaking markets. Main focus was penetrating the market of the USA which was quite difficult due to excessive documentation and permits which were hard to get.

The process

The main issue on every new market was the fact that due to lack of local presence and local distributors, potential clients were not feeling safe enough to transfer the money and make a purchase without previously trying the product. Together with a marketing team, we found a way to convert prospects into sales qualified leads which then Tanja turned into paying customers and distributors. That way Tanja established local points and found representatives on the market of South Africa, Poland and Netherland which later resulted in additional purchases which were quite eased. Tanja was in charge of the USA project as well where she managed a way to establish some local points prior to getting all needed approvals. Together with the top decision makers she created a trajectory for the next 3 years and all actions needed to be taken in order to start doing business in the USA soil.

Boss Auto

Full SEO optimization of their ecommerce website.

The overview

Boss Auto is a car parts dealer with two stores and a ecommerce website. Their stores were doing fine, but the website had a lot of issues, mainly with SEO, speed, bad and old design.

The challenge

They wanted to try a step by step approach, as they weren’t that familiar with SEO, so explaining to them the process and the time needed was a big challenge.

The process

First step was to do a full audit of the current state of the website, which allowed a detailed report of problems and issues with the current version of the ecommerce website, and there were more than 6k issues registered by Moz Pro software. Resolving them one by one, with creating unique content for every product on the website, while incorporating new features proved to be the right solution. After 5 months their online revenue doubled, after which we did a full redesign of the website, which allowed us to grow even more, and after additional 3 months (9 months in total) they tripled their profit through their e-commerce website, in relation to the start of our SEO re-work on the website.


Direct Sales, Business Development, Cashflow development/Product development, Sales automation

The overview

Orook is a SaaS platform that connects construction companies with engineers. An experienced PhD MSc in Civil Engineering saw a huge gap between existing solutions for finding ideal candidates for a job and huge need on the market. He decided to establish his startup in late 2019. His main goal was testing the platform on the local (Serbian) market and then strongly spreading to the DACH and Middle East market in upcoming years. In a short period of only 1 year of existence Orook took around 10% of the Serbian market and established connections with the most powerful construction companies. Right now they are carefully preparing to enter the Middle East market.

The challenge

The CEO, who is an expert in civil engineering and construction industry, gathered at first people who were coming from the same branch and had quite similar backgrounds which led to neglecting the business and sales part of the startup. There was no clear plan on how to onboard crucial clients nor how to create the sustainable cash flow model which would allow the startup to have the revenue thanks to which it could develop further.

The process

After monitoring, market research and understanding the product, the strategy was created and adjusted multiple times following the lean principles based on the DO-TEST-LEARN model. Since the position required someone who was deeply in sales and who knew everything from junior to senior level, there were different tactics implemented. One of them which gave fast results was doing direct sales – using an outbound approach, until the majority of big clients were not onboarded and turned into paying customers. Aside from outbound outreach, inbound tactics were used as well through automated email marketing campaigns. It resulted with massive sales and onboarding of new clients. Aside from the sales part, it was needed to develop a new and sustainable cash flow stream which was done by creating a new pricing model.