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Cold Calling 101 – Why Are Cold Calls Still Relevant in 2022


Tanja Kvrgić

When was the last time you were called on the phone to offer you a product or service? How many times have you bought something? That number is certainly not higher than the rejected offers, and somehow you always want to finish those conversations as soon as possible.

In short, in most cases, an unpleasant experience for both parties, for one who calls a completely unknown person and needs to offer him a product or service, and for the other who refuses.

And that is certainly no longer the case in 2022, in addition to so many other sales and service techniques.

Well, all this you have read above is not true! Yes, Cold Calling 101 can be very successful, similar to funny cold emails. No, they don’t have to be unpleasant. There is no need to look at them that way, and yes, they are still relevant in 2022!

What is Cold Calling?

In short, it is the first call. The further course of communication and cooperation with the other party depends on that first call. Even if the first answer is that they are not interested, it does not necessarily mean that they do not need your service or product, that it does not suit them, or that the business is over before it started, by hanging up after the first call.

Of course, one should not be deceived that this technique of cooperation is simple, as no one is, it is of course not pleasant to have numerous conversations in which your chances are 50/50, especially if you make several phone calls that do not end with a specific agreement. Therefore, the most basic items are extremely important to eliminate any inconvenience, but also the impact of failure, because, believe it or not, there is no room for that, and the items are as follows:

– What is the purpose of your call?

-Does a negative answer mean that you tried in vain?

Let’s answer the first question. Many people make the mistake of considering sales as the ultimate goal of Cold Calling. However, that is not the goal at all. The goal of Cold Calling is primarily to make direct contact, introduce or meet, offer a meeting, and finally, arrange a meeting.

The call does not serve the sale, and therefore it should not be viewed as such, because it is completely natural that, until the sale, you have numerous conversations with the same person, which is most often the case, but very often, especially if it is business, out of the best intention and desire to achieve success and profit, we lose the perception of what the first call is for.

Negative answer in cold calling is not the end - SkaleUp

So here is the answer to another important item, and that is, no, a negative answer is not the end of your effort if you have the right strategy and use the Cold Calling technique in the right way.

What is true in all this-the first call is crucial! That is why it is important to use this technique wisely, with a plan and strategy and COLD HEADS!

How to do it?

How will you do it most effectively? We bring you a few suggestions, for which you are free, and it would even be good to further upgrade and develop them yourself, because the important thing about Cold Calling is the fact that, in most cases, it has long-term and well-founded benefits, if used wisely.

1. Clear, concise, precise and effective presentation

Let’s not lie, nobody likes Cold Calling, and at the very beginning of a conversation the other party you are contacting can already think “Oh, why did I answer on this call at all”. That is why your choice of words is very important, but also your attitude, kindness, and self-confidence, which will keep the other side in the conversation for as long as possible.

The great text means nothing if you are insecure and your voice feels rude, disinterested, want to end the call as soon as possible and so on … Therefore, keep the presentation short, present your company in just a few effective words. Very useful information about your company can be collected through research and your results, high numbers and positive statistics, which can be very good in your presentation.

2. In order to present yourself successfully, you must also be recognizable

Of course, Cold Calling cannot be the only form of communication with potential clients and partners, so you must work on other segments of your promotion and market positioning in parallel.

An accessible and up-to-date site with all the useful information, active social networks, newsletters, and emails is all-important, and we can say that it is necessary for potential clients to know who you are and to get a picture of who they are talking to. This makes it even easier for you because you don’t have to explain everything in a phone conversation, which would be difficult to do.

After all, rarely would someone have the time and patience to give him the necessary details about your company. However, a very positive thing is a reaction from the other side of the phone that reads, “Yes, I saw the email you sent me.” “Yes, I saw your site.” “Yes, I saw your Instagram profile.” And so on. The possibilities are numerous, and the advice is to use as many of them as possible.

3. You need to know who you are talking to

Now that we’ve identified who you are, let’s see who they are. You can’t enter a conversation unprepared because that’s what can get the job done before it even starts. Your unpreparedness may give the impression that you are communicating the same thing with everyone and that you are not over-indulging, that your only goal is to sell your product/service or to end this conversation as soon as possible, which may be true in principle, but you must not give that impression for a second. Above all, your readiness can lead you halfway, showing that you are well versed in their needs, to which you can respond.

Cold calling techniques - SkaleUP

Research your target audience, who they are, what is their business, who are currently doing business, what their weaknesses are, whether they need your product, what advantages you have over their current situation, and what your path to the goal is.

You need to know who you are talking to, address them personally, research them. Your contact must be someone who is directly involved in the matter and can decide whether they need your service/product or not, or at least determine who the person is that makes the decisions that you need. If you don’t know, be cordial and kind, showing that you want to know, because that way you will raise communication to a higher, more personal level and remember the person you need, and they will also remember you.

4. Do not try to be a good Samaritan, because the profit is common

Don’t try to present everything as if your only interest is to do them good, because it is known to both you and them that this is not a realistic picture, and besides, they will appreciate you more if you point out the common profit. Of course, this does not mean that you should set yourself a “take it or leave it.”

Your approach should first be curious in terms of asking how satisfied they are with current services, what they would change, improve, etc., which you may already know from your research, but ask! Then you, with your product or service, facilitate, help, offer development, which gives you the honor, and certainly the benefit and profit, of achieving cooperation with that company.

5. Long-term love

And finally, cold calling is an introduction to building good and solid relationships based on trust and good business communication. If you managed to get to the sale, that’s when your cooperation begins. If you managed to arrange a meeting, anything can come out of it. If you are rejected for the first time, always be sure to leave your information and more options to contact you, because, in a lot of cases, people need to think, consult, or investigate you. Therefore, no cold calling is in vain. Some are even needed just to determine that someone is simply not in your target group. 😊