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Sales & Marketing – Beautiful Ever-evolving Relationship


Tanja Kvrgić

Sales & Marketing are often presented within companies as two separate departments, but is that the case?

Finding the best, and at the same time, the easiest way to connect sales & marketing within a business is one of the bigger challenges.

So, let’s talk a bit more about this connection.

Sales and marketing work towards the same goal, which is to find and acquire new clients, with the constant growth of the company. But, as their goal is the same, the very way they reach that goal is different.

Difference Between Sales & Marketing

Sales represent a direct process in which a salesperson communicates in different ways with a potential customer and leads him to make a sale. The sales process itself can happen via calls, via email, and in 2021 through social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram.

The process from the beginning of negotiations to its finalization and the sale itself can be very complex and long. This process can be reflected through multiple conversations, e-mail correspondence, negotiation, and can take months before the final sale. To be honest, sometimes it can be very hard to be a sales representative.

What about marketing?

Well, the main goal of the marketing team is to find adequate leads and build trust with potential customers, to make it as easy as possible for the sales team to close the deal. For this purpose, marketing uses different methods and strategies. Since we live in 2021 and marketing itself is changing rapidly, we will focus on Digital Marketing.

Computer with metrics about Sales & Marketing Relationship - SkaleUP Blog - Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Digital marketing is an integral part of every company, including SkaleUP. We like to call it New School Marketing, and if you want success for you and your company in this modern age, you must follow all the latest trends.

Why is it important to follow the latest trends?

Well, it’s very simple actually. In the last few years, the market itself has changed a lot, there are more and more e-commerce businesses, which sell through websites and social networks.

The mentality of the buyer, i.e. the consumer, has changed.

There are more and more online orders every hour. Older people, who didn’t imagine that they could get some accessories or food delivered to them, now are buying online, not to mention the younger population. They are online 24/7. If your company does not adapt to the new methods on the market, it will disappear from it very quickly.

Not to mention if your marketing department isn’t applying the digital part into their strategies, the sales department is doomed.

That is why the sales and marketing departments need to work together.

Sales & Marketing Must Work Together

Logically, each part of the company should work closely with each other.

Therefore, sales & marketing should work together, right? Well, we encountered companies where this isn’t the case. Poor organization of one or another department is usually the problem that makes this cooperation work poorly.

Marketing finds potential customers and gives them knowledge about the product, as well as about the company behind the product, through various campaigns and various promotions. The goal is to constantly find potential customers to convert them into buying customers.

Sales are very important, but they will not happen if marketing is done wrongly.

Perhaps it is best to say that marketing builds a relationship with potential customers, creates a large base of them, and presents them with everything that the company stands for and offers. After marketing does its part, the sales team comes and closes the client and transfers him from the sphere of the potential to the paying customer.

All this sounds nice in theory, but how to do it in practice. Well, to be honest, it’s not that easy.

Every company aims to make as much profit as possible. And if this seems like a very simple and easy task, it’s very difficult to accomplish, because if it weren’t, we would all be Elon Musk, right?

People in a Sales & Marketing meeting -Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The key role here is played by the marketing department and the sales department and their coordination and connection, because the point is the following, marketing is in charge of developing a strategy to reach as many customers as possible, while sales are in charge of implementing that strategy.

But it has not always been like this, the relationship between sales and marketing has changed in recent years, and it has become very important that these two segments of the company act efficiently, harmoniously, and in a coordinated manner. In recent years, marketing has increasingly maintained communication with leads and maintains a nurturing relationship, while preparing them for the sales team.

Now, you may be wondering why marketing does this? So by keeping the leads longer, marketing is doing a favor to sales. It allows that when the lead reaches the sales team, it is already “baked” and thus makes it easier for the sales team to close the deal.

By taking on themself, the marketing team makes sure that the leads that go to sales are warm, reducing the number of cold ones, and thus making better conversion rates and more sales, which is the main goal.

Sales & marketing teams must understand and appreciate each other. It is also important that they work together to create strategies so that the company is on the same page at all times. When these two teams come together, organize and coordinate properly, the company’s profits can only grow.

If you have problems coordinating your sales & marketing teams, don’t worry, SkaleUP is here for you! Feel free to contact us, and we will help your business grow!