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Benefits of How Proper SEO Affects the Increase of Your Sales


Tanja Kvrgić

Doing any business without a website is like not having an ID card in today’s world. Today, your website is the identity card of your business, and there is where SEO kicks in.

What does your ID card say about you? What do you do? Who is your target group? With whom do you communicate, in what way? What do you want to achieve? Many issues need to be taken into account, and all this actually “flows” into one answer that is quite simple: I want to sell my product or service.

Such a thing has become difficult today, and even almost impossible without investing in digital marketing and strategy development, and we should not forget that the sale of products is the last link when everything is done, and you have already done a crucial part of the job long before-in digital marketing. When your target audience enters keywords and your site appears as the first item on the first page, your sales have already started!

Some recent research shows that the use of the website has led to an increase in the number of consumers (more than 30%) and a better position in the market (almost 30%).

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However, in the boundless world of information, how can we break through and stay in a certain position and thus contribute to sales promotion? Let’s focus on the site, or as we said at the beginning, your ID card.

Let’s explain that with an example.

You need some information. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. Most of the people will probably go to Google, of course, type in the keywords needed for the search, open the first item that appears, and again in most cases maybe look at the second and third and that’s where the search ends. You do all this without thinking much, and in the background of everything lies SEO optimization, which is extremely useful for your main goal: I want to sell the product.

So let’s explain. Why did you go to Google when there are other search engines? Why did you open only the first, or possibly two or three more items below on the first page, when there are several pages about the keywords you are looking for?

Relevance, ease of access, quick access to information… Let’s say that these are just some of the reasons why Google first positioned itself as the leading search engine, which further implies that the first items that a search engine offers based on keywords are also the most relevant.

You should be the first item on the first page! How?

The aforementioned SEO optimization (search engine optimization), which some consider being the keyword in marketing, has many definitions, the most basic of which is to be the first in the search!

It includes processes and activities that organically position your site high on the search list, give you relevance, provide great traffic on the site, and ultimately achieve the main goal: sell your product!

Your goal and the goal of the search engine are correlated; one wants to be recognized as relevant and quality and highly positions its brand, while the other wants to provide the most relevant information to its users as soon as possible.

Why SEO? Because it is cheaper and longer-lasting!

Of course, in today’s marketing and, above all, online world, there are many opportunities to reach your target group and increase sales, so, quite validly, the question arises whether SEO is a cost or a smart investment.

This can be best explained through examples, first of all in comparison with advertisements. Choosing between SEO or ads is a question that has long been debated in the marketing world, and in fact, there is no need to choose just one tool that helps you sell, because both have their benefits. The ads will certainly generate more traffic and reach the target group faster and more intensively, but this is only the case during the campaign, while the ad is being paid for. In that sense, SEO is cheaper, and the effect is longer-term.

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You achieve success organically thanks to your qualities

When we say that the effect of SEO optimization is longer-term, it means that how much you will be in the first place, when searching for keywords that concern you, depends solely on you and your site improvement. That’s why you need a serious strategy when it comes to SEO optimization, and you can’t do that half-heartedly or occasionally. It is necessary to constantly think about improving the site and the possibilities of who offers it, but it certainly pays off in the long run, because…

SEO provides more traffic to your site 

This further contributes to the growth of sales because it opens up many opportunities to turn site visitors into customers and keep them so that they come back to you or recommend you to someone. This is the beautiful relationship between sales & marketing. According to some research, it has been shown that the traffic for the text that first appears on the first page during the search is almost twice as high as the text that is immediately below, in the second position on the first page.

In synergy with social networks, it is a winning combination

Social networks are also one of the most extremely useful tools for selling, which we dare to say is as unavoidable as the site itself. Many people will search for information on social networks to find the page they need, which, with strategy and design, can again lead to your site, with the smart “guidance” of visitors, which again marks an increase in traffic on the site.

If you don’t, they will!

Lastly, if you’re not there, your competitors will be there to record analyses and data that tell them about traffic and sales growth, which could be your numbers if you don’t commit to an SEO strategy in time.

Success lies in responsibility

However, that also means responsibility on your part, because your site needs to justify being first on the page. This includes relevance, up-to-dateness, clear communication with users, as well as the ability to easily use and navigate the site, which has good optimization for all devices (computer, phone,…), and content that will keep site visitors, because do not forget that in a million pieces of information in just one day, many resorts to the shortest possible content, precisely because some research even shows that, especially among young people, attention is lost after only 15 seconds.

We should not forget the visual identity of the site, which plays a big role in your branding, because it turned out that the visual identity of the site attracts more attention than the text itself. The design itself is one of the reasons why search engines can rank you better because, in that way, you keep the attention of site visitors who spend more time on it, especially if the design is very effective in terms of “guiding” the visitor where you want.

And don’t forget, Google’s algorithms are not at all naive and are becoming more advanced every day for the sake of improving service quality and customer satisfaction, so they recognize scams, manipulations, invalid domains, copied texts, bad and irrelevant links, unoptimized photos, and everything else that can lead to wrong and inaccurate information or poor quality service.